Oprah's Secret

Oprah announced that she had a secret.
What is her secret?...

She has a half-sister who she didn't know about until now!!!

You might already know this......but whatever... :) and for those who didn't know, read on and read my thoughts on it.

Briefly, here is what happened: When Oprah was 9 her mother sent her to stay with her dad (they were divorced). When Oprah left, her mother had a baby by another man and she gave up the baby for adoption without letting Oprah know that she had been pregnant. So years pass by and that baby grows up (of course). That baby is Oprah's half sister who is called Patricia and she had a son who helped her figure out about their family history...and voila...Oprah is their relative! :)

My thoughts: 
Firstly, it's not like Oprah kept this secret from her audience for a long time or anything; she didn't even know until now, so I'm shocked that she just called it "my secret", because...it sounds better if you say: "Oprah's Shocking News!" or "Oprah is Shocked find out why!" or even better...."Oprah's Shocking Secret"...

Anyway. My mom and I were talking about what it would be like to find out that the richest woman in the world is your sister. I'm not gonna lie but it's freaking AHHHMMAAAYZING. Then my thoughts started working again and I started wondering ''why now?" and whether Patricia doesn't or does want money from Oprah.

Oprah's excuse about revealing the news to us was because she knew that people were going to eventually find out. That's extremely understandable and even a bit commendable, but I just wander maybe if it was a bit too...early? It's not that I would put money or my job in front of my family, but what I mean is that I would spend a suitable amount of time (no matter how long it may be...) in order to get to know my sister and to ask more questions from my mom, to bring the rest of the family back together, to get to know her kids and then if she wants I would then do a sit down show and introduce her to the world.

My problem here is that what Oprah basically did was to bring her to her show, tears tears hugs and smiles, and then later on say that she is now starting to slowly get to know Patricia and her family...

And that's fine, I guess, to each his own I say; BUT it sounds too fishy to bring her out to the world like that. The sister mentioned that she didn't want the world to know about this and divert Oprah's life, and now she agreed to be on her show in the early stages of their relationship. Oprah doesn't need approval from us in regards to her own family and she's met millions of people who have different types stories of how these types of situations can end up. If I were in her shoes, I would have gotten to know my sister in private as opposed to telling the world and giving easy access to reporters who are hungry to track her every move for proof that she is a gold-digger or that she wants fame...etc.

I guess that's my opinion about it....and I could be wrong...and I guess only time will only tell right? :) And nothing personal to Patricia, it is a beautiful thing that they are re-united....so get your money guuurrrrlllll 

What do YOU think? If you were Oprah would you have brought Patricia to your show to show her off to the world or would you have left it in the dark because it is no one's business but yours?

Sources: http://anythinghollywood.com/wp-content/2011/01/oprah_sister.jpg


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