How To Avoid Getting Hurt

If you were my friend, darling I would have a protection program for you which brings an army of large men to beat up everyone who hurts you...but 3 things:

1. Non-friends need not apply
2. Friends, read on...
3. I'm sorry friends but I don't have an army of large men. Yet.

We occasionally get hurt over serious issues and sometimes over petty things that shouldn't even matter. Either way, it's understandable that being emotional and vulnerable sometimes sucks...especially when you're getting to know someone. 

During the beginning stages of a relationship with anyone, be it for a friendship or for dating, remember to apply a few ''rules'' in order for you to avoid getting hurt. Relationship expert, Kara Oh had 7 ideas and I think that they are genius! :) So my bb's check out her strategy after the jump!

How To Avoid Getting Hurt:
  • Don’t take it personally…. any of it
  • Don’t get physical too soon… it muddles the brain
  • Don’t lose yourself, stay centered, breathe deeply
  • Don’t try to guess “what did he mean when he did (said) that”
  • Enjoy each date, then go about doing your life well
  • If he calls, fine… if not, go about your life, refer to #1
  • Don’t get emotionally attached until he does (note: this one is for girls)

I agree with Oh's 7 ideas. A lot of us become so attached to another so quickly without testing the waters for a while in fear of what others might think of us. We need to start scratching off that surface bit by bit before getting to the core. In retrospect, who is going to reveal their full self in 5 minutes? While taking those steps, you'll start to notice things that probably don't agree with your way of living or thinking, so it will be a bit easier to step-back and accept that they are not right for you. Remember that you need to guard your heart because not everything that glitters is gold! Sounds like a plan to me, what do you think? Is it easier said than done? What do YOU do when you're starting to get to know someone? 

P.S: Happy 20th Birthday to my good friend Madevi!! :) I hope you had a fabulous day!



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