And the countdown begins

Alright...I KNOW I said I would post everyday...and instead of me making useless posts (remember quality over quantity people...and procrastination duh..) I thought that it would be better if I ''focused'' on my exams and then get back to my goal of 360 posts! is officially my last post until Christmas :'( which sucks, because I'd rather be doing this actually....
On a positive note, I hope that everyone's exams are going well! Here are 5 tips that just MIGHT help you out...and I hope they do during this stressful time :)

1. EXERCISE AND EAT HEALTHY: that's a big one coming from me! BUT it works...the one time that I actually drag myself to the gym I come back to my room feeling like I just fought Mike Tyson.      It.Works.

2. AVOID STRESSFUL PEOPLE: Alright, imagine this scenario (*Note: this is made up*)
M: "Did you study page 6?"
T: "No...are we suppossed to?"
M: "I dont know! But I did because she might put it on the exam,"
T: "But...she said chapter 1 wont be on it."
M: "Well you know she always says that and then she brings stuff that relates to those since I figured that out, I decided to study the other 10 chapters too."
T: "What the heck...! I thought I was done..Let me see the notes."
M: "Dont worry...I just do it just in case; but you dont have to do it.."
T: " i'm worrying about it...ARG I thought I was on top of things..."
M: "K well..gotta gooo! good luck"
T: "What..ok. bye..."

*Grrrr* Avoid THOSE types of people. If you have a question, go to the PROFESSOR. Harrass them...they are paid to wait for your email and answer it, so don't be shy. If you do ask another student, then ask someone who will simply explain a concept to you and demonstrate it instead of someone who will give you more stress. 

3. SLEEP. I cannot stress how much sleep you need! I know it is impossible during this time but believe me, when you deprive your body from the rest it needs, it will eventually crash and you do not want that crash to happen during the morning of your exam.

4. TAKE BREAKS. You're only human...have a Kit Kat. Reward yourself after reading a chapter or after you've gone through some main concepts. Doing so will keep you motivated.

5. LOOK FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS/HOLIDAYS: Why fail if you're getting a perfect reward in a few days? Use the holiday as your incentive! You don't want your grades to ruin the holiday and have the fam wish they'd spent your tuition fees on that all-inclusive cruise to Maui. Prove to them that you appreciate all their hard work by doing your best...and most importantly, show YOURSELF that you can do it and that when its over you can go home an relax.

:) Good Luck :)
Love Always, 



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