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I'm taking a short break from the hectic life.
-I woke up today after 3 hours of sleep in order to hand in my essay...

But the point is, when I opened my curtains I saw SNOOOOW! :) :) It was absolutely beautiful (still is..); call me crazy but simple things like snow are what makes me appreciate the beauty that this world has to offer :) . It was also funny because it snowed in Geneva (where I live), then it snowed at my friend's place in Bath (where she goes to university) and then in Ottawa; and it all happened on the same day! LOL maybe it's a sign or something HMMMMMM. ;-)
-Besides that, I like the song in the video above; that is simply why I put it up! If anything though, I thought it might cheer someone up who is having a bad day; just disregard a few of the lyrics but if you dance to the beat you'll be fine.  ;-)
-It sucks not being able to post a lot since I'm overwhelmed with essays and exam prep :( and please believe me when I say I have A LOT of things to write about!!! Life is too unpredictable to have nothing to say! Oh and I'm also very excited because I get to go home for Christmas. There is nothing better than being at home :) 
Side note: I found this random quote and I had that ''aww'' moment: "You deserve a guy who will find a million ways to love you and not a million girls to love." Cute right? I know.

Lots of Love, 

P.S: Good Luck to everyone who is currently juggling essays, exam prep, a job, school clubs....etc. I hope that you find time to also take care of yourself and pamper yourself! Even if it means watching a movie while hugging your teddy bear. I hope that during the last week of classes you will be able to do your best :)


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