This is the most overwhelming part of the school year!! Too many essays and NO LIFE AT ALL.
Right now I am in the library working on my project; however I am currently taking a short break before I proceed. All I can say at the moment is that I seriously hate the new Google!!!!!!!! It is so frustrating when I'm trying to type a word and it already goes to a page of searches and is already finishing off my sentences. I need to shoot Google an email to inform them that I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself and when I type something I think I know how to finish my own sentence. Waaaah what's this world coming to where we are fully reliant on technology and where they are encouraging this ''easy-life'' status? We need to go back to writing with pencil and paper so we can understand what it truly means to achieve something and what it truly means to work hard. Thank you. 

P.S. I know I didn't post yesterday :'(

Sources: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_o8hZ0aOCRPM/TCri22yeEfI/AAAAAAAAB4c/DVHyzy0DcqM/s400/frustrated.jpg


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