5 Most Annoying People At a New Years Party

Whether you decide to have a small get-together with family and friends or to attend a party somewhere in town, you always look back and laugh at these types of moments...and realize that besides all the glitz and glam there was always something that stood out. This is why today we are going to look at the top 5 most annoying people you'll find at a New Years Eve Party. Without these people, a party would not be an official New Years Eve party, so congratulations to the all the winners.

And the winner goes to...

The "Boss":
They are the host or hostess, the one who has the agenda and cannot seem to relax. They are answering their phone asking where Suzie is and why she's running late.When the party starts she seems to ease into it a little bit UNTIL GEORGE spills his drink by accident...oh no, not her CARPET...Not..The...SHOES TOO! She makes sure that everyone is having 'fun' just as long as they do not touch anything....or ruin her dress.

The Facebook Girl:
"OKAY I'm ready! Take one with me and her! Kay thanks and now with...." Yup, there's that person who wants to be in every single picture, even if she's just peeking in from the back and has proof that she was AT that partaay.

Debby Downer: 
Life is over for her. She's either thinking that her dress looks ugly on her, so she wont eat. She hates the music, she doesn't want to dance, she got dumped and this is not a good night for her. She's rambling about goodness knows what and when you turn your head for 10 mins and turn back you see that she's still complaining about something. Little does she know, its a new years party and it only comes ONCE. A. YEAR.

The "It-Sucks-to-be-you-right-now" person:
It really does suck to be them at that time. They are drunk, slurring, knocking things over and moving like its 1999 again.They just drank like they didn't even want to enter into a brand new year and this was their revenge! "Take that new-years-makers!
Unfortunately they are going to be living in their consequences because they are acting a LITTLE bit out of hand. So what does this mean? It means that they need to be taken cared of and it means that the host is NOT going to be a happy camper.....but at least Debby Downer can finally crack a smile after seeing that. 

The "I-want-to-talk-to-you" person:
They want to obviously talk to you. Not to tell you a joke or to even compliment the fabulous outfit you have on, but to give you a lecture on their new years resolutions. Last year she didn't get to lose the 30 pounds she had promised so now she's making sure to tell the world that this coming year...is THEE year. For her, that is the point of the party..to converse and to be serious about these 'goals'. Forget the music and drinks, its all about living a better future: yaaaaaay me! 

To all the winners, congratulations once again. I will notify every single one of you after the 1st so you may make your speech. :')

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Anonymous said...

hey you! it's brian ;) that is a very detailed list you have there, is it possible that I'm all 5 of those people in 1???

lol so because I realized I don't have your email and you failed at adding me to skype, this is my only means of reaching you at the moment... to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! new years comes second to that so happy new years too! I hope you have a wonderful year sweetie pie :D

talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

p.s. i'm the brian from family guy LOL ;)

Blogger said...

HEY!!! THANK YOUU!! hahah at first i was like who is this? LMAO but then i realized!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! and I just added you on skype, my laptop was trippin for a while...and we all know my laptop isnt the close to an ipad soooooo had to repair it. omgoshhh i miss u soo much! we need to skype it up and im on the countdown for our 5 year reunion in GREECE! :) :)

Funbi's said...

Funny one girl ;)

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