An Open Letter to 2011

Dear 2011,

It's really nice to finally meet you.

I was a little nervous, but now I'm putting a smile on my face because I know that we both know that it's time for a brand new start.  
I just want to let you know that since it's a brand new year that I really hope that there will be even bigger better and brighter opportunities for me this year! Not that I want you to have competition with 2010, BUT we all know that last year was a lot of fun! 

Here is a bit of what you are competing with from 2010:

-I gave my life to Christ (biiiiggg points for that event and can't be beaten) then got baptised 8 months later.
-I got a summer job at a camp where I met amazing people and it obviously changed my WHOLE summer into one incredible journey while getting PAAAIIIIDDD  lots of knowledge! 
-My roommates also made my year; these are friends that I know I will be keeping for life...or i'll hunt them down be upset :P and I am sooo down for our 5 year reunion! 
-I also took great courses at school this semester (child studies, social work...etc) which opened my eyes to SO much and made my path towards my future a little bit more clearer. 
-Other than that, let's just fast forward to New Years Day...your birthday and MY 20th birthday! It was a fabulous ending and beginning! 

So 2011....I didn't mean to boast like that to you, but...what do you have to offer me this year? I hope that I can finally get some relaxation and another epic year full of love, joy, a new job, a closer relationship with God and just....a year that I can look back on and say to 2010 that it has been........replaced. :) I do find it a bit hard to fathom at the I guess: the pressure's on.

Oh, and just to let you know, I really don't have any specific resolutions this year..I've learned that as long as you work hard, are happy, healthy and in sync with Christ, then your life is going perfectly fine...of course there will be bad moments when I will feel like giving up, but that's just normal because we all know that life is so darn unpredictable.

So 2011.....I wrote you this letter to say please don't dissapoint me. :)

Thanks bud,
With love, 



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