A thought....plus a birthday.

I don't know why people think that just because I'm black that I can pass them or send them "that old Tupac song" when I head back to my room; and it's because they haven't heard it in a while. Neither have I. I haven't even heard it before.We can explore together, but I obviously don't have it when I start shifting my body and moving my mouth like I'm chewing gum...

Either way, it's okay, I guess I sometimes make racial assumptions too. Just joking;....Or am I? hahaha oh gosh this is awkward. I grew up in Switzerland SO I'm probably the most non-racist person you'll ever meet. I'm usually the first one who's like "EY EY EY! HE DOESN'T EAT TACOS, STOP JUDGING HIM". ;-)
 All jokes all jokes.

BUT...the most important point of today's post was to say that: IT IS MY SUITE-MATE'S 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!!
She has been an amazing room-mate and I couldn't wish for a better roommate! :)
My other two suite-mates, a friend, and I surprised her with a cake at mid-night and took pictures and talked like old ladiesss! :) I hope you enjoyed your day my Asian Amazing Roommate.

With Love,

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