We All Fall Down...It's Inevitable.

It's The GETTING UP That Matters.

It's About Learning The LESSON.

It's About TAKING IT ALL IN, And Knowing That LIFE MOVES ON.

It's About SMILING, Even If There's Dirt On Your Face...

...Then LAUGHING Hysterically While Wiping It Off Because You Didn't Stay On The Ground And You PROVED TO YOURSELF That You Are A SURVIVOR.

It's About Being HUMBLE...Our Pride Sometimes Gets In The Way.

It's About Realizing That True HAPPINESS Has A Deeper Meaning.

It's About Realizing GOD'S TRUE LOVE For YOU.

It's About Learning How The Whole World Can LEAVE YOU When Things Go Wrong...But God Is ALWAYS There With OPEN ARMS.
Life truly BEGINS when we ACCEPT that we are not perfect. Be Yourself. Learn. Laugh. Love. DON'T GIVE UP. 


FunTó said...


How's it going Sis?

Tell the World

Blogger said...

Heyyy! I'm good girly, how's it going your side? :)

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