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It's Friday! Time seems to be moving so fast. I'm heading back to Uni in 18 days and I'm really excited!! This will be my first summer away from home and it will definitely be interesting. I will be missing home because every summer my friends come back and we go out all the time; I also get a job somewhere (last year it was at a camp) and they are the best moments that I never want to end. I also have been home for the past 4 months (hence my anticipation to go somewhere else!) so I think it would be good for me to be in a different environment and to experience new things. 

Honestly, this break was one of the most beneficial things I've done in my life (oh yes, living for 20 years is a long time). The fact that I made the decision myself made a huge difference. Sometimes you don't need anyone to tell you what your next step should be. All you need is to decide yourself that you are going to go away....and that you are going to go to that place in order to fall back in love with yourself... 

I think with the world moving in such a fast pace and being in a place where situations and people can alter in a blink of an eye, it's very important to be in tune with yourself because at the end of the day you are stuck with you.

I learned a lot in the past 4 months. I learned what I enjoyed, I learned the real reason I wanted to come home, I learned what I didn't like and I learned that I need to start living for me and only me.

It may sound selfish to say that it should be about myself, but if you really think about it, you'll understand exactly what I mean. I was mentally, physically and emotionally done and now I can finally say that I'm finally alive and living again. The only reason I can say that is because I made sure that I was taking each day as it was and getting some needed rest. 

Four months later and I can finally and genuinely say that only YOU are the one and only person who knows what you truly need in your to get it, well that's the journey you'll have to take in order to find out. 

Emotions may race during that journey, but in the end you will see the worth. I know I see it. I know that I feel happy. I also know that this is only the beginning of yet another journey to come, so it feels great that I've started building this strong foundation called ''loving myself''.

Besides, if you can't love yourself at your highs and lows, how can you expect others to do so...? :)


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