My Top 12 Guilty Pleasures

1. Watching MadTV: hahah oh man...'Bon Qui Qui'.....and 'Death to America'. I can spend hours, days, YEARS watching maybe when I say I'm doing homework...then..

2. Visiting ''. Oh boy, blogs, gossip..I'm sorry, I just have to check it everyday.

3. Chocolate animal crackers: I know I'm not 6 anymore, but I still love them. Grrr screw the calories though...

4. Watching romantic movies while doing my nails, while reading a magazine and while chatting. Now that's what I call multitasking baby.

5. Reality TV (e.g. Real Housewives of Atlanta): grownass women screaming at each other and pulling each other's hair...hilarioussss; only because they are embrassing themselves on national television; but that's okay, they're getting paid right? It's okay for a grown woman to lose her priceless dignity to a lil cashmoney. *fist pump*

6. Lace underwear and bra's. Ok, some say there's no point in buying an expensive bra unless its going to be shown..but I refuse to all. I think wearing it and knowing that you're wearing something nice brings a confidence to you and people even question why you're smiling. It's like I know Victoria's secret..haaa get it? Anyway, it's a guilty pleasure.

[Picture not necessary for this one]

7. Watching re-runs of Family Fortunes (it's a game show). I'll probably NEVER hear the end of this one. I like screaming the answers at the TV and occasionally getting them right.

8. Not telling people my middle name when they ask or beg. :) If I just tell them then it's no fun.

9. Once in a while after a long day (oh yes, life is tough), I light incense in my room, watch something interesting and  having some wine and chocolate :)

10. Buying dresses for a night out. Even if I have absolutely no where planned to go, I go into every shop aiming to buy a dress for going out in, 'just in case' I say in my

11.Okay, I don't know how to explain this one properly..but I like to laugh...A LOT. I know it's not a guilty pleasure but what I mean is that I tend to continue laughing AFTER everyone is done. In my head my thoughts just run wild so I tend to continue the 'joke' in my head. Maybe I think that my thoughts can be heard out loud? I dunno. Sooo I guess my guilty pleasure is to just laugh by myself? hahaha LOL I just laughed right now because I remembered how for the longest time I used to put my Facebook status as: "HAHAHHA" or "LMAO" then people would be like: 'are you okay?'

12. Observing other people's relationships. I want to see what they are doing wrong so my true love and I won't have too much to handle and can be open about those issues. Guilty pleasure my friend, guilty pleasure. :P 

Do YOU have any guilty pleasures? :)


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