Oh Youtube... :)

You know what makes me laugh? Reading comments on Youtube. The best are when people start fighting with each other.

So what exactly are these sweet and innocent Youtubers fighting over? Over NOTHING. naaaah-ting. I see people who start off casually discussing a topic or the video...then it just takes one to say: "what's wrong with you? what's your problem...!!"

Oh and don't forget that dude who thinks he has the last word because he is writing in ALL CAPS AND WRITING IN ALL CAPS MEANS YOU ARE BOSS.

Okay, there are ignorant and annoying people out there, but going through a long list of comments that are directed to one person who you never met is ridiculous.

If anything, some people find entertainment in what is going on and here you are logging into your account to find insults that are directed to you and your family.

What I also love is how a lot of people state their opinion about a video e.g. "I don't like him in this type of video". You'd think that you're allowed to do that right? WRONG...because when you say your opinion some random Bieber or Jonas Brothers fanbop comes to the rescue by saying: "YOU MUST BE UGLY AND FAT! YOU WISH YOU WERE THEM!"

hahaa riiiight :)

...Dear Kids,

Remember that typing your opinion on YouTube tooootaaaalllyy makes you ugly and fat :)




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