I'm Happy

I feel extremelyyyyyyyy happy. For once I don't care about drama or anything associated with it. This week things happened that if they had happened two weeks ago or even last year, I would have reacted differently...and I'm thankful that I'm growing as a person and learning to see that in life I am the ONLY one that can change myself and my reactions....and that I can't change the ones around me. 

So...do you mind if I show-off for a minute and tell you about 9 things I am happy about this week?

- I'm happy because I don't fight over guys....anymore. I liked this guy (lol spare me on this one) and a girl I met introduced me to him and said he'd be a good guy for me. I realized that the more I liked him, the more SHE started to see that he was a good guy. So...obviously, as girls are the most vicious species in the animal kingdom, she decided to manipulate him and tell him false things about me. My reaction? Well, I decided that if this guy is for me, then he will proceed to talk to me like a MAN would, (haha) but if he wasn't for me, so be it, there are many fish in the sea. My feelings weren't hurt at all, I learned to see the reality of these types of situations and yes, if the guy really WAS the one I wanted and deserved, I would have also fought for him, so it takes two to tango...the fact that I didn't care after he was gone showed that maybe I just liked the IDEA of having a boyfriend, and not so much everything else...

-I'm happy because I am developing true friendships and taking the time to make them deeper. So what if I don't have a million friends? I want to wake up every morning knowing that if I was experiencing my worst moments these people would be the ones that are there for me and with me. Many are usually there for a ''good time'' and that's totally fine, but I want my girlfriends to be there with me through thick and thin, so I'm really thankful.

-I'm happy because yesterday was the first time I had chocolate in about a week and a half (haha nice). I'm trying to keep fit and healthy. I want to go back to dancing and performing; being healthy will really enable me to break it down on the dance flo. So....cheers to good health.

-I'm happy because I now *try* to see the bigger picture. With life throwing all these ups and downs, it gets frustrating, but now I try to see the upside and I try to tell life to calm down with those punches.

-I'm happy because I can blast music on my iPod every.single.day. and dance in front of the mirror for hoursssss because I know no one's watching.

-I'm happy because I receive sweet letters and cards from my friends in the mail (you know who you are!) and I love you very much for that! :) :)

-I'm happy because I went to play pool with my brother and my dad..and I had a good time. I must say my pool skills are improving so........watch out people!

-I'm happy that I'm single right now :) do I really to explain this one? from hanging out with friends and wearing sweat pants....I think you get it.

-I'm happy when someone tells me that an article on my blog made them realize something, or made them laugh or even when they want to discuss something with me. I'm happy that people can see another sides of me and realize that I'm human just like them  :) you warm my heartttt <3

What made you happy this week?



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