Sometimes I don't post much because I'll have absolutely nothing to say.

I told myself I'd do 360 Posts. 

I told myself I'd post everyday then I took that off; it was unattainable. 

Now I'm taking another part off and telling myself that I will stop this blog when it stops being fun.

The moment I start making it a job or requirement to post something is when I'll stop posting.

I'm not doing this for money, or for anyone. I'm not doing this to be popular or to get compliments. 

I'm doing this to learn about myself. When I write, I am myself. There's something about writing that can take me anywhere. When I write I feel free, I love to express myself with words and music, and art. 

Sometimes the things that don't seem like much at first are the things that speak the loudest. That's what writing is to me, my instrument. 

I'm blessed to have the people who are reading this, I'm blessed to those who keep checking my blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I honestly didn't even think I'd even have TWO readers,  because I know I counted on myself to be my number one reader ;-). 
I'm truly thankful for you all. 



Funbi's said...

Lovely one sis!
Keep writing, you do a great job!


Blogger said...

Thanks Seyi! :) ditto for yours ey ;-)

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