Turn off!

I had my mud face-mask on and while I waited for the 15 minutes, I started reading an issue of 'SHAPE' magazine....that is until I got frustrated. I was frustrated because of articles that attempted to give advice and the author of the article had used majority of the space to promote a particular doctor.

I made up this example to show you what I mean:

Q: I have been told that eating chocolate helps you lose weight, is that true?
A: Dear reader, no it is not. You see, eating chocolate "helps you gain the weight instead of lose it" says Doctor Robertson, (author of 'Never Be Hungry Again', winner of the 2001 Shape and Health Award, PH.D in Psychology and Cognitive theories towards food, Doctoral, and is an author of various other issues or forms of writings such as 'Lose Weight in 20 days!', 'My Husband Lied To Me' and the award-winning 'Toes for Breakfast.'). Dr. Robertson also says "eat fruits and vegetables instead!" Hope this helps!

Without all that wasted space, the advice was: Eating chocolate "helps you gain the weight instead of lose it...eat fruits and vegetables instead".

Such a turn-off right?

Sources: http://www.breadwig.com/uploads/illustration/drawergeeks/grrr/piggieGrrr01.jpg


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