MTV's New Show: If You Really Knew Me

I was watching the documentary series called 'If You Really Knew Me', which airs on MTV. For those who do not know the show, the program is about two people who head to different high-schools for a day whilst introducing a 'course' called 'Challenge Day'. These schools are full of stereotypes, bullying, cliques and prejudice; thus, the aim of 'Challenge Day' is to attempt to break those boundaries in order for the students to understand that they are actually more alike than they think.

I really like the show because it shows that just like real life, people tend to be more complex than the labels that are assigned to them. With that said, I also had a few thoughts and comments on it whilst I watched an episode:

1) Let's say that if a typical high-school has around 800 students and only 100 students appeared on the were those 100 students chosen?

2) They showed the effects of what happened a day after Challenge Day; but what is most important is whether the effects last. Imagine how everyone there has poured out their hearts about their lives and then they go back to the way things used to be. LOL it would be so awkward walking down the hallway and everyone just has something to use against you #jusssaying

3) Why does the show run at an hour when the targeted audience should be in bed? I remember when I was in high-school, I would not have seen the show until re-runs came on at an earlier time. With homework and studying (cough cough) I would watch TV when I got home at around 5 or 6...

4) I also wondered if these 'documentaries/reality' shows really do have the capability to show the depth of one's life. Mainly, do some people downplay or enhance their 'act' just because they are fully aware that the cameras are there?

5) What would have happend if the show had come to my school when I was back in high-school? Honestly, before and of course naively, it would have been easy for me to say that I knew who would have made an effort and who would have stayed the same; but now I can truly admit that I don't know what the effects would have been because I know that everyone has their own story. I guess I can only wonder...

I think that one of the biggest lessons I've learnt thus far is that everything is a journey and that even if you do a little bit today, in a few days/months or even years time, you will attain to something bigger than you could have imagined. So even if some bratty kids didn't take the challenge seriously, I do commend the show for the concerted effort. :)

So, my question for you is, do you think that the show actually helps the high-school or does it make it into a more vulnerable environment in which students are now exposed to more turmoil than before?

Also for anyone in highschool reading this, just remember that you are never alone, and these labels do vanish once you walk down that stage and earn your diploma (besides, you'd be surprised where people head when you meet them at your 10 year reunion!!)



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