The Only Thing I Can Teach You

 The only thing I can teach you is:
"Don't get too high on praises and too low on opinions."

It's evident that in life you will have moments in which everything is going perfectly fine and other times when things couldn't seem to go more wrong. Whilst us, as humans, notice the inevitability of these circumstances, we still continue to struggle with how to handle them when they overwhelm us.

Okay, in other words, what I mean is: When you get to that moment when everything is perfectly fine and everyone seems to be, I guess ''kissing your butt'', just remember that we have a season for everything. This is where the first half of the quote comes from: "Don't get too high on praises". Not only that, but remember that humility is the best medicine for one's soul. With that said, you might ask "how would I remember that  as my head would be too big for me to even want to think about being humble?"  My answer? Start now. Start surrounding yourself with true friends, start saving the little money you have, start writing down ideas and doing a little bit each day. These sort of things make you humble because 1. True friends will tell you when you get too big headed. 2. When you write things down for your journal you can look back once you've ''made it'' and realize all the struggles, tears, pain that you had to go through to get there and 3. Doing a little bit each day and saving money will remind you that ''Rome wasn't built in a day''.

The second half of the quote is the one that us, as humans, continue to struggle with. It says: "Don't get too low on opinions". No matter what you do, there will ALWAYS be someone who will find a reason to hate it or even you. That's life. I remember I had to learn that the hard way; I was wasting my time on people who never seemed to be happy with what I did, even if I had done it their way! That's what we call a 'people-pleaser' and it's exhausting. After some time I remember that I was getting weaker and that I was basically living for somebody else;...if it helps, I did realize that the people who I was trying to please were just insecure and that, unfortunately, this was their way of living life. So what did I do? The hardest thing, which was to walk away and with time, I learned to lift my head up high and I made peace with my dignity by saying "I'm sorry, let's start again". Even though we can always say that someone is doing something because they are 'insecure' or 'jealous', remember that it's up to you to change the way you react and to live your life for yourself because it's impossible to live up to all expectations. :)

So I end this post with: 

"Don't get too high on praises and too low on opinions."

Trust me on this one as it is the only thing I can teach you.


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