It's Just A Picture So You Can Say Whatever You Want

For those who know the movie Precious, you'll definitely know the actresss Gabourey Sidibe as she is the girl who plays Precious. Many people had jokes about her weight; however when the award season arrived and the movie was in the spotlight, many were quick to smile and pretend like they had been true supporters from the beginning. 

When award season was over, jokes were back in tact! Of course these were jokes about her weight (e.g. Howard Stern on his radio show). I must admit that watching a few Saturday Night Live skits about ''Precious'' were hilarious at the beginning...
...but now it's getting old, like really old, in fact so old that I actually find it disgusting and insensitive now.

I think Gabourey KNOWS that she is obese; she doesn't wake up and put on a costume everyday. And I also think that she KNOWS that she is not going to lose that weight in a day, a week nor a month. She is a grown woman now who is at the age of 27 and it is ultimately her decision. What does baffle me though is the fact that the previous statements I just made are well known to those who attack I get the random joke here and there but every single day? Common..

Gabourey Sidibe courtside with her boyfriend at the Nets vs. Bucksbasketball game in New Jersey

The most recent post I read on various websites were regarding her having a boyfriend (above pic). A LOT and I mean, A TON of people had comments on this one. I was actually shocked to see how ''powerful'' people can think they are when they are behind a screen as they are typing away with comments such as "I'm surprised she hasn't squashed him'' or ''daaaayyyyyyyymmmm I need to triple my workout on the treadmill now after seeing this!" *rude*

Just because it's just a picture we think that we can say whatever we want. We start to forget that celebrities are also people and that after we go to sleep they might be reading what we wrote. It's easier said than done to tell someone to 'ignore comments' or that they shouldn't be reading them, but in reality, as humans, we are more prone to drama and negativity because society has deemed anything contrary as boring. So my dear readers, please, don't follow the crowd as the crowd is together because of the fear of being their own individual. Take a minute and think about what you're about to type behind your screen; you never know, one day it might be you on the receiving end.....#jusssayin...

What do YOU think about this? Do you think people who comment on blogs are taking it too far, or do you think that celebrities just need to lighten up?     



Peter said...

I think that the downside of internet is the Anonymity it provides, so unfortunately people write things they would not otherwise say to their face. This is also a sad commentary on the human condition as a whole.

I agree with your point that, for a moment, people can stop & smile when good fortune falls upon someone we would otherwise laugh at or belittle. A more recent example would be Ted Williams, the "man with the golden voice."

The only solution I can offer to this, is what needs to be done is not a behaviour change but a change of heart; not telling people to 'stop saying mean things' but to have people not think mean things in the first place.

Blogger said...

Hey! Thanks for taking time to read the blog and for your comment!

I absolutely agree with you. The internet is, unfortunately, a world wide web (no pun intended) and we get so stuck and sucked into so much activity that leads to us feeling either superior or inferior beyond our control.

Absolutely, it starts in the heart; there needs to be more people who truly understand that like you do.

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