Hey y'all!! I'm here!!! I haven't been back since 2011!!!!!! That is so CRAZY to me!! It's INSANE!!! Well, we should throw a par-tay. Not a party, Par-TAY.
Okay, well,  I can't even get into what has been going on because it's literary been 4 YEARS and a TON happens in four years.

Remember that post I wrote as I said it was the End of a Chapter? (well..it's right below this one so you don't have to look far to find it! haha!). Well…….the new site is up!!! It's called Faith By Promises. Check out the link at the end of the post before this one! : ) 

A quick insight: Well...life happened and bam, a site occurred! Just like that! Okay, not like that, but you get what I mean. It's been a journey quite indeed, but I'm grateful. The new site basically shows a more vulnerable side to me that I never thought I'd show elsewhere, but it's been so refreshing and quite a journey indeed. I share parts of me that I hope will inspire people to better themselves. I won't get into the mushy mushy stuff here because I know that this site is SO different, but yaaaa I do want to thank Christ, and you guys, who read, and I hope you are inspired in some way by it all!!

Btw, who knows, I might come back to write some more on this site, I ALWAYS have fun blogging about crazy stuff, like Friday Fever! hahaha!! #LIFE, Ah…the things life does and brings!! Well…who knows!!! :) Maybe that's why I like coming back here, I LOVE to laugh and have a great time, and I can do that here and it's such a #JudgementFreeZone!! I love to read the old posts and just laugh - so sentimental and reminds me of the simpler joys of life!!! Well, gents and ladies, Enjoy life and have fun! You only live once!! ;) (RESPONSIBLY of course..LOL!!! but hey…..I'm sipping my tea now, and like sipping frog says, #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness). 

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Frog: www.marketmenot.com 
Partay:  my.greasy.com


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