In God's Time

I remember when I used get upset because all my ''bad'' qualities were not changed at once. As amazing as that would be, no one is perfect and that won't happen until the day Christ comes back. I'm happy that God hasn't overwhelmed me with everything that I do wrong and He has taken the time to let me know bit by bit which habits I need to pray for and which habits need to be changed. I'm thankful that He is faithful and even when I fall, I can run back to Him with scars and tears and He is still there ready to make me whole.

I'm happy for this on-going process of spiritual transformation. I'm now learning that it will happen according to God's time. Lately He has been sending people into my life who are teaching me different ways to live and how to be more self-less...clearly life is not full of coincidences and God has beautifully and carefully planned every bit of it for us. 
Waiting does suck sometimes but I hope that while I also continue to change in different paces, that you too can ask for perseverance and guidance from God. Ask Him to help you accept that during your journey you will never be changed at the same pace as anyone else. Remember that it's perfect that God is changing you individually and not part of a "mass plan" because people come to God at different times and with different situations. He cares too much to let you be misled and to be taken through a process that is not for you; so when a transformation does happen, it's only because He's ready for you to have it. 

I think accepting my pace was a struggle for me, I used to look around and wonder why I wasn't going at the pace of *insert name(s) here*, until He told me that I am me and no one else is me, so if I am myself why can't I accept that I have a different path from everyone else? Also, we should all continue to pray for spiritual growth...God wants to show us the wonderful things that He has in store; in fact, He already has it all prepared for you......but all you have to do is ask during your unique relationship with Him :) 


FunTó said...
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FunTó said...

WORD! Good one Sis! I especially like the part where you say our lives are NOT coincidences! It's awesome when you know God has planned every little detail. We should keep praying for change and transformation yes, but we should also want to make the effort to change. Wanting to make the effort was something I realized I wasn't doing at one point. Until it hit me, praying about it is easy but God won't force the change on you, you have to be willing in your heart to make the effort and even sacrifice. Thnk God for that revelation. It's still smth I'm workin on :)

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Blogger said...

Aw thanks Titi and YES I really agree about willing in your heart to make the effort and the sacrifices. We will always be working on it so no worries haha its a journey which will take our whole lives, but it will be perfected by God.
Bless you :)
I didn't realize I hadn't followed your I just followed you haha

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