Hello Ottawa!

I'm now back in Ottawa and I'm not gonna lie but I'm feeling reaaaall gooooddd! :) 
I start my classes tomorrow (first up is my law class) which is going to be pretty interesting. Interesting is never boring. I love interesting. :)

So far I have just been chilling, moving in and getting to know my room-mates. I'm ready to party the summer away and to see Ottawa and Toronto. 

I have started using my strategy of little expectations. This strategy helped me to have the best semester I've ever had last year. It only makes sense to charge into this one with the same mind-frame...maybe it will bring in an amazing (if not better) result? haha. 
Who knows, I guess when I don't set a high bar I know that I don't have as much pressure and I tend to be more relaxed and open about what comes my way...

So....Summer 2011, I don't know what has been planned for me this year, BUT I know that I'm ready for change, I'm ready for laughter, for the courses, for the sunsets, for God to teach me new things and just for some pure pure fun.  :)


The Anything Place said...

This summer is going to be great, thats all I know :D

Blogger said...

Agreed! :) :)

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