My friend's birthday is in about three weeks and she was originally supossed to come back to celebrate her birthday with us. Plans changed and she can't make it home anymore, so I thought: why don't we throw her a surprise birthday instead? (she's back home for a week at the moment).

Have you ever thrown a surprise party before? I must admit it's a lot of work and I was stressing out a little bit trying to contact everyone and figuring out if all the things would fall into place. I didn't know whether we could pull it off in such a short amount of time...

SUNDAY...the birthday girl starts calling me. I couldn't answer because I was out with the family, so she leaves a voicemail. Call attempt 2, I let it ring because I didn't want to expose anything...which was a pretty dumb move because by not answering any calls it would've made her think that something was up. At this point I was exchanging mass text messages with her sister so we could finalize the plan. The place was set: a Mexican restaurant called Manana...everything else, not so much. 

I still had to go buy the cake, the decorations....basically what wasn't there. I KINDA took a long time  working out so I left the house at around 4pm. Birthday girl calls me again on my cell while I'm at the party store. I pick up and we casually chat. Unfortunately the lady who was at the counter kept on talking to me while she could clearly see that I was on the phone :). I was scared she would ask me about the party items so I told birthday girl that I had to go and to call in 5 min. 10 minutes and another call from birthday phone was on silent (unintentionally though) so I text her to say that I'm doing things for my mom and i'll call her at night.

One thing you need to know is that i'm a pretty bad liar, soooo if I had had a conversation with her, at some point I would have said something like "so i'm thinking pink decorations what do you think?" or I would've ended the call with: "see you tonight"...or something weird and awkward.

And it was all worth it because...........The fabulousnessss began right on time!  :)
Yea on the pic it looks weird but that food was DELICIOUS

It was a really great night, great atmosphere, with laughs, smiles, hugs, pictures...all shared with amazing people (though we were missing two who are not in the country at the mo. :/).
I think I'm now considering a career planner anyone? :)


Sarah said...

That sounds amazing!!! Really jealous now ;)
Skillsss T, Skillsss :P

Love the blog btw... too bad mine's in French eh! :)


Blogger said...

haha thanks! I didn't even know you had a blog, give me a link to yours! :)

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