A massive earthquake stuck Japan today (Friday) at 2:46pm (Tokyo time). It had a magnitude of 8.9 and has been ranked as one of the biggest earthquakes in a century. "The quake was so powerful that buildings in central Tokyo, designed to withstand major earthquakes, swayed". 

There are a series of events that have been occurring in the world lately and my heart just goes out to all the people who are suffering. From the protests in Egypt and Libya, the earthquake in Japan and tsunami warnings around the world, it's just overwhelming to see these events happen so simultaneously.

For those in Japan I truly pray for them and I hope that they are saved from this tragedy.

I think it's funny sometimes how it takes something so big to shake us and to let us know that there are issues that are bigger than ourselves happening around us. I just question why. I question why it takes a tragedy that kills and harms so many people in order for us to wake up. If two people are killed we continue on with our lives, but if tens of thousands are harmed we all jump up and act as if we were humanitarians all along...

Isn't one human life that's taken supposed to make us realize that life is never guaranteed? Or have we just become so desensitized that we need something new and out of the ordinary in order to remind us that we are not in full control?

We are desensitized because we are hardly shocked when we hear about human trafficking in specific countries. We are not shocked when we hear of wars and other humans being abused mentally, sexually and physically. We've heard and seen it all before and we've chosen to ignore this broken record that has been ringing in our ears for years.

When these types of natural disasters occur, it also makes me think of whether I am living each day like my last and if I am contributing to society in any way that I can.

I hope you are thinking the same thing as I am.

What do YOU think about all these events happening in the world?  


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