How Sorry Do I Feel For Miley Cyrus' Dad?

I just read Billy Ray Cyrus' (Miley Cyrus' dad) interview that he did in GQ. He was talking about how 'Hannah Montana' ruined his family and how he now wishes that it never happened. He also spoke about how he didn't attend Miley's 18th birthday because she chose to have it in a bar (in the States it's 21 and over) and he is sick of taking the blame for all her bad decisions (i.e. the night she decided to use the bong). Somewhere in the middle he mentions how their Faith was challenged in the process and how Miley changed. He also mentions how his family is under attack by Satan and he is scared for his daughter.

You can read the full interview here so you can understand a little bit of my thoughts on it...

So how sorry do I actually feel for Billy Ray Cyrus? It's a good question and I know everyone seems to have their 2 cents on the let me throw in mine as well.

Miley Cyrus should have been HOME after tapings. She should have not been ALLOWED to go out and hang out with certain type of people and she shouldn't have been allowed to have all these boyfriends before turning 18 (e.g. Nick Jonas...Liam...other homeboys...)

I don't care if they were all innocent moves...doesn't everything start off innocent? I'm sure that in her head she just wanted to have fun and enjoy her time as a teen, but the more she got ''involved',' the more pressure she received from the world; and her desires were clearly being fed by the people surrounding her.

Sometimes when everyone is judging you and you see that no matter what you do you can't prove to them that you are not that person, you just end up giving up and doing whatever it is they are saying about you even more! It's one of those attitudes where you say: "well since you already think that I'm a (insert words here) I'll show them what it truly means to be a (insert words here).

This is where Billy Ray comes in, he should have been THAT parent, the parent who is on the child's back waaayyy tooooo much only because they are being protected from the world (note, I'm talking about someone who is a parent of a celebrity because their lives are under so much scrutiny). Obviously she won't see it at the moment, but later on in life she'll see exactly what she was being protected from.

I know no one's perfect, but there are some young celebrities who have avoided this type of attention (e.g. Hilary Duff) so it's clearly not impossible either. I'm happy that he confessed that he was trying to be her friend more than a parent...but now it's to the point where you ask...."your marriage, your happiness, your dignity, your daughter...was it all worth risking in order to be her friend?"

Because of the reasons that I stated above, I really don't know HOW I can really defend Billy Ray. At least how can I truly defend him with some valid evidence that wouldn't make me seem like I was selling out a girl who was a minor during all those moments...? But I'll give it my best shot:

I'd say that a parent can only do so much. Agreed? It did seem like Miley knew what she wanted sometimes and she looked like she had a smart mouth (#jusssayin). I seriously felt like a nun when I looked at her acts...! From pole dancing....grinding like there's no tomorrow...the risky outfits....hmm...

Even though I can't reeeeaaaaally defend Billy Ray, I do have some advice. I'd tell him to stop giving these interviews. Who cares. There's a point where you tell yourself, "I don't need approval from anyone"...and he clearly hasn't received that memo because here he is crying wolf, trying to tell US that he wasn't responsible and he was always covering for her....well DUH, you're her parent, cover for her until the day she dies....this is not a business deal so no contract babes. 

Also, for other children's sake, their own PARENTS need to play a vital role and tell their own kids that Miley is entertainment and not their role model.

I guess the answer to the question "how sorry do I feel for Billy Ray Cyrus" is "A little bit...we all fall, but it's if you get back up that matters the most." So Billy Boy...get your family back :)


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