53rd Grammy Awards

The Grammy's are on tonight people!! (from 8:00pm - 11:30pm ET/PT).  If you're living in any other part of the world that is NOT called AMERICA then you'll have to watch them online like the rest of us (hahah). I'm going to be streaming them tonight because I like to watch things live. :) And all you have to do is Google something like: "watch Grammy's live stream" until you find the channel. Not too picky right?

I don't want to bore you with who I think will win each category, but what I WILL do is to let you know what I DO NOT want to see tonight. :)

I don't want to see EMINEM win artist of the year...he's too angry. He needs to suck a lollipop and watch the show; and I won't even post his picture so I'll put this:

I don't want to see Bieber's HAIR done like this anymore...did you know his stylist charges him $700 for that cut? I'm a girl and mine doesn't even cost that much...not only that but people need to stop this epidemic called Bieber Fever.

I don't want to see meat, blood, dinosaur skin on anyone; Lady Gaga isn't that special to wear that kind of clothing.

I don't want to see ANY black man yelling nonsense like "Yo...Beyonce is the best artist of all time" because she is not.

I don't want to see a singer who I admire show up looking all anorexic-ish. Food is our friend, let a dress hang onto something.

I definitely DON'T want to hear "OMGOSH! I..I...I didn't think I'd win! This...this is crazy.." and their one tear dries on the spot and they pull out a loooonnnggggggggg piece paper with who they want to thank.

:) ! :) Other than those few things, I'm really excited to watch the awards! Good luck to all those who were nominated!



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