I Smile Today...

Have you ever been given the same piece of advice from different people over and over again? Doesn't it feel like it eventually seems like a broken record on repeat? And no matter how right those people were, you just couldn't take the "time" to apply it either...?

I'm currently taking a semester off my studies and the last person I saw (who is very dear to me) said one sentence that I had been hearing and telling myself over and over for so long. For some reason, I listened this time and wondered why I hadn't learnt it a long time ago. I also thought that maybe if I had learnt it before things would have been different and I wouldn't have let certain people try to steal my joy away from me.

If you are reading this, I want to say Thank You. Thank you for giving me that piece of advice, even if I'd heard it a thousand times. Thank you, especially, for saying it from a loving heart, and not just because you wanted gossip. I think that's why I eventually listened, it was genuine and from a loving heart.

Now here I am and I heard that same advice tonight. This time I was happy and I smiled and nodded and in my head the whole time I was saying "I know this time, no one will ever take my joy away from me". Truly God works in mysterious ways and he is working at this minute. And surely, I can say, it can only be the devil who would use many people to try to steal your happiness and your joy...but now, my skin is getting thicker. 

So, let's end it on a positive note and say that as I smile today, it is because God's advice has finally sunk in.

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