I See...

I love this picture; it reminds me of the movie "Love and Basketball" which is one of my favorite movies.

There are many ways to interpret this picture. Among my many thoughts, I see something real, caring, acceptance, and intimacy.
I observe art and pure black love which is beautiful to see. I see a man who isn't afraid to do a woman's hair because he is so confident in himself and doesn't let society define how he should be. I see a woman who isn't afraid to say "you take the lead today" because she knows she works so hard but in the end it's the concerted effort that makes it work. I see strong arms that are ready to protect her when she needs it, and hands that can still be loving because love is what conquers all. I see her natural hair and shifting emotion, because she knows she can still be herself, but heck, when it's necessary, she knows that she can still give him that attitude.


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